Friday, 24 October 2008

Calico Rubik's cube

I am teaching myself to sew, it is the first time in my life I am actually managing to get somewhere with it without getting so frustrated I throw the machine out the window. I can't believe it's all going well and I am really enjoying it, well most of it. I am almost ready to put my series of panorama dresses on Etsy to sell. Anyway, one of the problems I ran in to was how the hell to make a reversible dress. It seems easy. Two pieces sew them together turn inside out and there you go. But each time I ended up with the front of the dress inside the back like stuffing in a pillow. It was mind bending. Finally I called my friends who run a fantastic fashion label called Alpha 60 and rode over with my calico Rubik's cube and the wonderful Adam showed me what to do. Here is a before and after.


lyptis said...

hey madeleine,
ha ha, it sounded so funny u describing it, but its even more hilarious looking at it!
hey, im not taking the piss, im trying to figure out the
same thing! or shud i say, same item, different problem?!
have a nice one!

Maisy Brown said...

That is SO funny, I really relate! Even though I'm an experienced sewer, I still have that problem with my lined boleros, and always end up cheating and sewing the sleeves edges by hand!