Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Story time

I am working on an exciting project making illustrations and animation for a director I admire. It has been a juggle and stressful at times but I have been listening to This American Life episodes while I work and it makes the hours fly by. You can stream them for free and I highly recommend it. I have also been sent on a tangent through them to The Moth also filled with brilliant storytelling.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I went to a friends house today to learn first aid. Turns out that class in year 9 wasn't completely lost after all as I kept recalling the answers to everything which could come in handy in case of emergency. Previously my only memory of first aid class was being awarded my certificate and then going to the shopping mall and finding a woman unconscious in the toilets and freaking out and locking myself in the bathroom... she did have a friend with her who seemed to have it under control but my lack of bravado did deflate my confidence somewhat. Any how I saw the most beautiful children's book that had been recently purchased in Spain by Herve Tullet. The pages flipped in sections and you can see it in action here. Herve Tullet's site is pretty fun the scribbling bit is great you can draw on top of his scribbles.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Garden club

My new friend Ella has asked me to join a gardening group. It is a great idea, you go along to one persons house every two weeks and take the babies and everyone helps in their garden doing what ever needs doing to help them grow fruit and vegetables or get a compost going. The children play in the garden and help dig in the dirt, learning bits and pieces as they go. The hostess makes a delicious cake and we all walked away with tiny winter lettuce seedlings, worm juice and a Vietnamese mint plant. Arlo ate a spiky succulent leaf and was like a cat with a fur ball until i peeked in his mouth and scooped the leaf out. Ah nature. I can't wait for the next one.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Domestic Disaster

It's so stupid one minute everything is fine and the next the T.V fell on me as I moved it to hide the power points from the newly crawling baby. It felt like one of those "Mother lifts the car off the baby moments". It is old and really heavy and I was crouched down so it was falling from above, the cabinet was on casters and kept skipping and just behind me I knew the baby was kicking around on his sheep skin. The plant skidded off and smashed on the floor I didn't hear crying so I knew it had missed him, I got the Tv upright with my heart pounding.
My goodness what a way to be done in. Terrifying and all in the cosy safety of my lounge room. Eek.