Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Little Picnic

I am pretty excited to be involved in a new project aiming to bring some very fun children's parties to my neck of the woods. I will be making little knick knacks, party favors, games and pinatas which will be there on the day to add and adorn each Little Picnic. You can have a look at my shop to see the first installment, or follow the link from their page. There is lots to come so hold on to your hats!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Baby Elephant

Uncle Tully helped deliver a new baby Elephant at the zoo last night, aw look how sweet it is. Well done everyone.

Late again

 A koala in our back yard taken by my brother after climbing up the tank stand to get some face time, we were waiting for it to spring and attach him self to him like a balaclava, it didn't happen.
 A tent I made the boys for Christmas which promptly blew over 
The wizard exploring the beach boxes
Our go to craft activity, fox faces from egg cartons, so much fun.

It is mid january and we are a few days back from our holiday and already neck deep in the year. I should have something pithy to say about 2013 but I think I am happy to see how it unfolds, I think it is going to be a good one. We had a great holiday, lots of beach time eating, playing, visiting,wild animals including three koalas,  dancing, singing and more eating. Here are a few photos.

Live to Air

Last night my boyfriend and I went to RRR, our local community radio station and saw the most amazing band, ESG, play live to Air. It was fantastic. Self taught musicians playing such minimal electro/ disco/ punk/ funk music. It felt like they were all a button on an MPC each with their function but so much more than the machine could ever be.  I won't wax lyrical as I don't really know what I am taking about but go see them if you can or listen to the live to air here. You may hear us clapping!