Monday, 13 April 2015

over and out and now over there...

Hello out there.....
It must seem like I have spontaneously combusted, I haven't!
I have been busy getting a new business off the ground and today my sister and I officially launch The Assembly Rooms.
We are a school offering creative classes for adults and children and will be opening on the 26th of April for our first term of classes.
I will be teaching pre-school aged art and science classes over there.
Consequently my focus has shifted sideways a little and I will now be blogging from our home base website
You can also follow us on Instagram if you like search for Theassemblyrooms401!
I will keep this blog going as it is dear to me and a good reference if you are looking for some children's activities or some interesting artists.
Thanks a bunch it has been great and hopefully I can see some of you at our classes. The room is so beautiful and I want to sign up for every class so far, hope to see you there.
xx Madeleine

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